Mistakes To Avoid When Ordering Cake For A Large Event

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Mistakes To Avoid When Ordering Cake For A Large Event

26 October 2021
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Serving cake has become customary at certain large events. You would definitely want a cake to be served at a big birthday party. You would also serve cake at an anniversary party, and probably at a block party or Memorial Day celebration. Cake is convenient, cost-effective, and most people like it. However, there are a few key mistakes you'll want to avoid when ordering an event cake from a bakery.

Mistake #1: Ordering fillings that require refrigeration.

There is a time and a place for cake fillings that require refrigeration. They work perfectly fine in small cakes that you can keep in the fridge until you serve them. However, fitting a huge event cake in the fridge can be difficult or impossible. Most people end up letting their event cakes sit out at room temperature. So, make sure you ask the bakery to recommend a cake filling that is safe being held at room temperature. Or just order the cake without filling; good cakes don't really need it.

Mistake #2: Asking for dark blue or red frosting.

When deciding on a color scheme for your cake, stay away from really bright and bold colors — especially dark blue and bright red. While these colors may look nice, they're very staining. Anyone who eats cake with red or blue frosting will have colored lips and a colored tongue. Other colors like dark pink and grass green have similar effects, but not quite as bad. You don't want people to avoid cake because they don't want a colorful face, and you don't want anyone to stain their clothing with the frosting, either. So, ask the bakery to decorate the cake in lighter colors that won't stain. The cake will still be tasty and beautiful.

Mistake #3: Ordering only one flavor of cake.

Some people love chocolate cake but won't eat vanilla. Others might love vanilla but hate chocolate. Since you're ordering so much cake already, it's easy to order at least two different flavors. Many bakeries will even make a big cake in half chocolate, half vanilla if requested. This way, you will please more of your party attendees because they'll be able to get the cake they truly enjoy.

If you avoid the mistakes above, then you'll do a better job of ordering cake for a large event. The employees at your local bakery may be able to give you more tips on ordering a custom event cake, too.