How To Host A Memorable Fiftieth Wedding Reception For Your Parents

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How To Host A Memorable Fiftieth Wedding Reception For Your Parents

21 July 2017
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Are you hosting a fiftieth wedding reception for your parents by yourself, or will you have siblings to help you? Either way, it's terrific that you are honoring two people who made their marriage work for a very long time. From the decorations to the catering, here are some ideas that will help you to plan a reception that your parents will always remember:

Create A Plan On Paper First - Hopefully, you have siblings who are helping you. If they are in town, have a meeting with them. If you are doing the reception by yourself, you'll still want to involve your parents in the planning of their fiftieth wedding reception:

  • If your siblings are helping you, write down what each person's responsibilities will be. For example, one person could be in charge of working with your parents to compile an invitation list and to get the invitations out early. They should arrive at the recipient's homes about three weeks before the event.
  • Clear the calendar. You don't want to realize after invitations have been sent out that there is a big conflict.
  • Write down names and contact information for all the individuals who will provide services. For example, you'll want to contact the catering people to check on progress as the reception date arrives.

The Actual Event - Of course, everybody is coming to honor your mother and father. However, part of the focus will be on the happenings at the event:

  • The decorations will set the mood of your party. Consider putting large posters of pictures of your parents from the time they got married until the present time. Individual photographs on the dining tables will be great, too.
  • Think about hiring a catering company to provide the meal that will be served. The caterers will have the experience to help you plan the meal. Or, if you already know exactly what you want to serve, they will serve exactly that.
  • If you do hire caterers, be sure to do so way ahead of time. Put in writing the date, the time and place of your event, and at least an approximate number of how many people will be served.

Don't forget to toast your parents. Consider asking a dear friend to lead the toast, or you and your siblings could also take turns raising a glass of bubbly and acknowledging special aspects of your parent's life together.