Holiday Traditions To Start With Your Family

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Holiday Traditions To Start With Your Family

24 July 2017
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Starting a new family tradition at the holidays is a wonderful way to create memories that will last your children a lifetime. A new tradition doesn't have to be expensive – it only needs to be enjoyable and something you are willing to repeat year after year. If you want to add more traditions to your winter holiday rituals, the following guide can help provide inspiration.

Homemade cards

Whether for your entire card list or just a for a few special close friends and family, making cards together as a family is an enjoyable way to spend an evening as well as a special way to show your loved ones that you care. It is also beneficial for little ones, whom often receive a lot for the holidays and may need a reminder about giving, as well. Simply break out the art supplies and a few pre-folded blank cards. Put on some holiday tunes and serve everyone some cocoa or cider to fuel the creativity. If you have older children, you may want to expand the process into creating a family letter to mail or even directing, filming and editing a video card.


Nothing says the holidays like cookies, and sugar cookies are one of the simplest yet most versatile options. Pick your favorite holiday sugar cookie recipe. If your kids are really young, you may want to make the cookies ahead of time, while older children may be able to help out with the baking portion. Then, provide a selection of tinted icing and candies to decorate the cookies. Afterward, the kids can package up the extras to give away to friends, or you can host an annual cookie exchange. This simple holiday party requires nothing more than cookies and some light refreshments, making it a nearly effortless tradition to add to the holidays once the cookies are made.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa isn't just a way to give out gives at the office, it is also a fun way for your children to experience the true magic of the holidays. Help your children pick several people they want to surprise. How many is up to you – some people pick one recipient per week in December, while others due someone daily in the week leading up to Christmas. Then, put together a stocking of treats. It can be as simple as some fancy cocoa, homemade cookies, and a card, or you can add other items that you think the recipient will enjoy. Finally, your child gets to sneak to the their door to hang the stocking. The idea is not to get caught so that the recipient is never quite sure who their secret Santa is. For many kids, the secrecy is the best part of this tradition.

The holidays should be memorable, and traditions are the key to ensuring that this is so.