How To Plan Your Next Work Meeting

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How To Plan Your Next Work Meeting

26 July 2017
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Are you in charge of introducing a new product at work? Perhaps changes are being made in the way you do displays at your place of business. For whatever reason you are having a work meeting, from putting the word out to ordering coffee delivery from a place like Five Star Water, here are some ideas that might help.

Get The Word Out - Since you want as many workers to attend the meeting as possible, think of ways that you can get them to attend. And, if it's a mandatory meeting, think of ways that will make the attendees look forward to the meeting.

  • Send more than one message. For example, the first message could say something like Get ready for the best meeting you've ever been to. The next message might say something like Mark your calendar. Add the date, time and place of your meeting. And, a final message might say, Don't be late and be ready to take notes. 
  • Another idea is to put posters and sticky notes in strategic places. Of course, you'll probably be putting posters at entrances to your work place. However, think of places you could put sticky notes. Desk tops, the refrigerator in the lunch room and even bathroom mirrors are all good places to put the sticky notes.
  • Think about asking somebody to help you put the word out. For example, if you have an artist in your group, he or she could design a letter with a sketch of workers sitting at a round table that represents your meeting place.

Food For The Meeting - Of course, you'll want to provide an agenda for the meeting. In addition, you'll want to provide food.

  • Think of having coffee delivery at your meeting. Talk to the people where you will be ordering the coffee and see if they have anything special to offer. For example, they may bring fancy flavorings to make the coffee special. Or, you might even request the fixings for making iced coffee.
  • If you do arrange for coffee services, be sure to put information in writing. For example, let the service know exactly at what time you want the delivery and how many people will be attending the meeting.
  • See if the coffee service also provides things like cookies or sandwiches. 
  • The coffee service will bring cups, spoons and paper products so you won't have to worry about obtaining them.

After you have taken care of putting the word out and after you have taken care of what will be served at your meeting, then you can probably better focus on the actual reason for the meeting. Be sure to provide paper for note taking along with your printed agenda.