Let Them Eat…What? 3 Delicious Alternatives To Wedding Cake

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Let Them Eat…What? 3 Delicious Alternatives To Wedding Cake

27 July 2017
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You're almost ready for the organ to play the Wedding March and start a new life with your new spouse — but first you have to figure out what to serve for dessert at your wedding. Sure, cake is the traditional choice, but if it's not your top pick for any reason, you may find yourself scrambling to think of an alternative. If wedding cake is the one thing you won't find at your dream wedding, then here are three delicious alternatives to consider.


Delicious, portable, and just rich enough to feel decadent, truffles are a great alternative to wedding cake, especially for those couples with guests with wheat allergies (or couples with wheat allergies themselves) who can't have said cake. Truffles are big enough that having two or three feels like a lot of dessert, but not so big that you'll have mounds of uneaten truffles lying in the trash. Their portability is an enormous asset if you want your guests up and mingling; they don't leave crumbs behind and can come in nearly any flavor or flavor combination that you want. If you're really worried about missing that cake flavor, fear not — there are truffles that have cake inside of them for a small reference to that old wedding dessert tradition.

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Ice Cream

Customization is the name of the game in weddings where the guests all have different tastes and preferences — and ice cream is the king of versatility, with endless options for toppings, sauces, and flavors to ensure that every guest gets exactly what they want. Ice cream is also a great alternative because of its self-serve nature, especially if you spring to have a few ice cream machines placed around the reception hall; put a few tables worth of toppings next to them, featuring everything from candy to nuts to fresh fruit, and you're guaranteed to have a dessert worth screaming about.


If you're dying to have something in the pastry family at your wedding, but pies seem like too much effort, doughnuts are a prime wedding dessert; not only are they endlessly customizable, but they're also friendly to children and adults alike — not everyone likes cakes or pies, but only 13% of Americans have negative feelings about doughnuts. Glazed and chocolate-iced doughnuts take the cake for America's favorite types, so either stick with those two or embrace variety dozens to get the kind of spread of delicious pastries that will make your guests go nuts.