How To Set Up A Kitchen For A Large Family

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How To Set Up A Kitchen For A Large Family

1 August 2017
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Did you and your spouse decide at the beginning of your marriage to have a large family? Perhaps this is your second marriage and you have blended his children with your own. For whatever reason, if you ended up with many family members living under one roof, you probably have to focus on cooking a lot. If this is true, here are some ideas for how to set up a kitchen with a large family in mind.

Head For A Restaurant Supply Store - You'll find everything you need in one place.

  • For your kitchen, think about buying a large capacity mixer that will make enough dough for things like cookies and homemade bread. Get one that comes with a lid so you can prepare your batter in the evening and then use it on the next day.
  • A warning tray would be another great purchase. Think of making large quantities of bacon and eggs and then just keeping them warm while you're making toast to go with them.
  • And, don't forget to look at commercial refrigerators that come with extra large freezers. Consider buying an extra one to put in your utility room or in the garage so you will have plenty of space for extras like juice, lunch meats and other things you use often.

Add Other Essentials To Your Shopping List - Have you ever been to a Bed and Breakfast? If so, when you go to the restaurant equipment store, think of what you saw at the Bed and Breakfast you visited.

  • Consider buying a large quantity of pretty white dish sets. You'll be able to use them for everyday use, and then when you have company you can use them along with pretty linens to add a bit of elegance to the meal.
  • At the restaurant supply store you will also find things like juice glasses, tumblers, and other glassware. Buy pitchers to match the glasses, too.
  • Think about buying mixing bowls that will double as serving dishes. Again, look for the kind that come with covers so that you can use them for storing food.

When you go to a restaurant equipment store like Refrigeration & Food Equipment Inc, think about getting to know the manager. Explain your family dynamics and ask for suggestions on items the store carries that are also excellent for home use. Ask if there is a way that you can find out when the store has sales, too.