How To Dress Up Your Keurig K Cups Coffee

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How To Dress Up Your Keurig K Cups Coffee

5 August 2017
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Keurig k-cups have revolutionized the way people drink coffee. No more burnt coffee from sitting on a coffee hot plate anymore, and no more stale or moldy coffee because you have been drinking out of the same pot for several days. Yet, even though pod cup coffee is the cheapest and best option for your morning coffee, it is not nearly as "dressed up" as your expensive commuter cup o' joe. So, here is how you can dress up your pod cup coffee at home, still save money, and still enjoy fresh, hot coffee with every cup you brew.

Real Whipped Cream

A canister of real whipped cream only costs a couple of bucks. Yet, you can easily put it on top of a dozen cups of coffee. If you really love the whip on top on a fancy coffee shop's coffee, you can definitely recreate this at home.

Flavor Syrups

Fancy coffee shops will often sell you gallons of their signature syrups. The best part is that these gallon-sized syrup jugs all come with their own pumps too. If you like your mocha with extra mocha and five pumps of raspberry or caramel syrup? No problem.

You can do that when you buy your own syrups. If you like less common flavors, store shelves are lined with dozens of coffee flavor syrups you can buy. Create your own little coffee bar at home with all of your favorite syrups lined up.

Sprinkles of Cinnamon or Cocoa Powder

Cinnamon and cocoa powder can be found in the baking aisle of any grocery store. All you have to do is find two little shaker containers and put cocoa powder in one and cinnamon in the other. Put them on the counter next to your coffee maker and you can choose whichever one you want on top of your coffee or your whipped cream.

Iced or Blended Coffee

Making ice takes time and advanced preparation, which is why so many coffee lovers avoid this at home. Now, however, you can buy a countertop ice maker that automatically makes ice cubes in minutes. It also keeps your cubes frozen, and ready to use.

If you just like iced coffee, scoop up some cubes from this ice maker and brew your coffee over the top. If you want it blended, you will have to buy a countertop blender too, but both of these extra kitchen gadgets pay for themselves when you take into account the cost of iced or blended coffee four times a week from a fancy coffee shop. Check with places like 11th Street Coffee for more tips and supplies.