Learn How To Save Money On The Food Served At Your Wedding Reception

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Learn How To Save Money On The Food Served At Your Wedding Reception

11 September 2017
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When planning a wedding, the food that you serve at the reception can often be one of the pricier aspects of the event. If you want to save money when planning your wedding, ensure that you make arrangements with the caterer to make the most affordable food that you possibly can. The following guide walks you through a few ways to save money on the wedding catering.

Consider Having a Salad Bar Available

Instead of serving multiple courses to your guests, have a salad bar readily available for your guests to use. This is a great way to avoid having to have a cocktail hour with finger foods. Everyone can create a plate to hold them over until it is time to eat the main course. Be sure that the salad bar has some substantial food on it, as well. Potato and pasta salad, as well as crackers, cheese, and fruit, should all be included in the salad bar.

Have Separate Dishes for Children to Eat

If you plan to have children at your reception, consider having the caterer create more child-friendly dishes for them to eat. Many children are not huge fans of the fancy meals that are typically served at wedding receptions. Chicken fingers and French fries are an inexpensive option to serve the children that are sure to please all kids who get them.

Have Everyone RSVP for the Dinner

You want to be sure that the caterer only has to make food for the exact number of people who will be at the reception. Be sure to include RSVP cards with your invitations or a number that guests can call to RSVP that they are attending the event. This will allow the caterer to know exactly how much food they need to prepare for the reception so that they do not waste money on food that they will not need to create.

Choose Reasonable Portion Sizes

When people come to your wedding, they do not expect to leave feeling stuffed. You do not want everyone to get portion sizes that are too large because some of the food could go to waste. Instead, choose smaller portion sizes because your guests can always get some salad, crackers, or fruit if they want more to eat after dinner.

When choosing the food that will be served at your reception, talk to the caterer about the options that they have available for a reasonable price. Don't be afraid to tell them what your budget is so that they can help you choose the right foods to serve in the price range that is right for you.