3 Tips To Enjoy A Glass Of Merlot Even More

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3 Tips To Enjoy A Glass Of Merlot Even More

27 August 2018
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A glass of Merlot is awesome on its own. However, a glass of Merlot paired with the right food selection, served in the proper glass, and served at the right temperature sends the level of awesomeness into another dimension. Whether you hold the official title of wine enthusiast or you're still a young oenophile, a Merlot short guide is always helpful. Here is some information to get you started.


You can enjoy a glass of Merlot at any time. However, if you're enjoying the wine with food, pair it with the right selections to experience the full richness of the wine's flavor. First, remember that Merlot has a very subtle and earthy taste. For this reason, you want to pair the wine with similarly flavored food choices.

Strong, robust-flavored foods, such as a spicy pasta or rich cheeses, can actually overwhelm the flavor of the Merlot and mute it out. Choose food choices that are just as calm as the wine. 


When enjoying wine, never reach for the first glass you can find. Your wine must be poured into the right type of glass if you want to enjoy the full impact of its rich, crafted flavor. For Merlot, stick with wide-bodied glasses or those that have a large bowl design. A large part of the taste sensation of Merlot has to do with its natural aroma.

The more you're able to experience the aroma, the better the taste. Narrow-bodied glasses stifle the aroma of the wine, whereas larger glasses allow it to roam free. Remember, enjoying wine is a multi-sensory experience, so you want a great smell and great taste. 


The temperature at which Merlot is served will have a dramatic effect on its taste quality. Ideally, you want to enjoy wine slightly chilled — not quite room temperature but above what you would consider cold. Serving Merlot chilled is excellent because it helps bring out the full flavor of the blend. 

As an added tip, serve your Merlot in a stemmed wine glass. While stemless wine glasses are the new trend, they will warm your wine faster. As you hold the glass, the heat from your hand will raise the temperature of the glass and therefore the wine. Keep in mind that there is no wrong or right way. However, following these temperature tips will help you enjoy the wine more.

Apply these tips to enjoy a glass of Merlot, such as Pahlmeyer Merlot, even more than you already are.