Can't Grill Outside? How To Use Your Barbecue Sauce

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Can't Grill Outside? How To Use Your Barbecue Sauce

24 November 2020
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Though summer may be over, this does not mean you don't have a reason to break out the barbecue sauce. Even if the time for grilling outside with friends is over, you may still want to get that tangy, sweet taste in your diet. If that is the case for you, it's a good idea to find other ways to incorporate barbecue sauce into your meals.

Are you looking for ways to use that leftover barbecue sauce? These are a few ways you can use up that extra sauce.

Put Barbecue Sauce on Pizza

One way you can use up your extra barbecue sauce is to use it as a pizza sauce. Many restaurants already do this, combining it with tomato sauce and then adding toppings like chicken, cilantro, cheese, and onions. Some people also use barbecue pork or tri-tip as well.

Slow Cook Pulled Pork Sandwiches

A slow cooker or pressure cooker can help you make tender pulled pork sandwiches—no outdoor cooking necessary! You can add barbecue sauce, tomato sauce, and other flavors to create a sweet flavor you can add to toasted bread.

Add to Your Salads

Salads can also benefit from barbecue dressing, which can add a bit of southern flair to your favorite vegetables. While you're at it, add some corn and black beans to spice up your side dish. Simply mix your barbecue sauce with your ranch and reap the delicious benefits.

Cook Meat Patties & Loaves

A meat patty, for a burger, perhaps, is a great way to use up your barbecue sauce. Mix onions and garlic with your patties and slather them in barbecue sauce once you've cooked them. Even without a grill, you get the benefits of delicious burgers. You can also bake a meatloaf covered in barbecue sauce.

Cook Meat for Nachos

Do you want to give your nachos a little more southwestern flavor? You can add some barbecue cause to your favorite nacho dish with some beans, cheese, hot sauce, and any meat that you prefer. In fact, you can even add to salsa and enjoy it with your favorite chips.

Barbecue Sauce is a Versatile Option

If you are thinking about adding a new flavor to a favorite dish or you want to explore some entirely new options, you have many types of foods in which you can incorporate your sauce. Try one of these barbecue sauce combinations for a fun twist.