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Eating Delicious Food on Your Vacation

Every summer, my husband and I travel to a beach resort in our state. During our stay at this upscale hotel, we always eat delicious seafood. Are you planning an upcoming beach vacation? While on your trip, be sure to indulge in tasty seafood favorites such as fish, shrimp, deviled crab, crab legs, oysters, and scallops. You might want to try seafood prepared multiple ways. For instance, you may want to eat fried seafood one day and dine on broiled seafood the next day. Many restaurants offer grilled and blackened menu options too. On this blog, I hope you will discover more information about some of the most amazing foods to eat during a beach getaway. Enjoy!


Thorough Celebrations with Excitement and Diversity - Fun Times for a Mexican Restaurant

9 July 2017
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Taking a special occasion as an excuse to get out and enjoy a meal in a restaurant is a great way to make a day especially memorable. However, many people make the mistake of falling into a standard routine and never allowing themselves to explore all of the cuisine that their area may have to offer. Rather than going to the same place for every event, take the opportunity to break up the monotony and inject some spice and excitement. Read More …